Homeland is having one of their B1G1 Free sales right now...which is great...but be careful on higher prices.
Each B1G1 item will scan at half price so you do NOT have 2 buy 2 to get the deal. Also sometimes when they do this sale they tend to raise their prices so even half off is still a little high.  So be cautous of what you buy! I am going to highlight some of the deals I got.  Also, be sure to look on the high and low shelves for the best prices! In the cereal aisle you can find bigger boxes at a lower price usually on the bottom shelf.

*Kellog's Raisin Bran on sale for $1.95 a box (bought 2) used 2 x $1 coupons found in paper (doubled) so got 2 boxes for FREE
*Post Honeycomb cereal (big Box) on sale for $1.66 (bought 2) used a Mfr. coupon for $1 off 2 boxes (doubled) paid $1.32 for 2 boxes
*Coffeemate Liquid Flavored creamer reg. price for $2.39 - used
Couponfor $1 off (doubled) and paid $ .39
*Sauve Shampoo & Condiioner on sale B1G1 ($ .99 each) BIG BOTTLES - Bought 5 used Mfr. coupons from 3-1 paper for $2 off 3 and $1 off 2 so I paid $.99 for 5 of the BIG BOTTLES!

*Sargento Sliced Deli
Cheese Low Fat Provolone is marked down to $1.65 and there is a $ .55 peelie on the pakg. so I paid $ .55
*Mission Fajita Size Tortillas - $2.59 used
couponfor $1 off and Paid $ .59
*Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles (lower shelf box) for $1.99 bought 4 used 2 coupons for $1 off of 2 boxes (doubled)
Paid $1 a box

*Qkr Oatmeal Instant on sale for B1G1 ($2.00 a box) used
couponfor $1 off and it was FREE!
*Most Pillsbury biscuits are on sale for $1.25 this week-use your Homeland card and get $1 off of 4, so they endup costing $1 each. Bought 4, saved $1 and used coupons from paper and binkie in front of the biscuits for $ .40 & $ .60 cents off 2 cans (doubled) I paid $2 for 4 cans, I got the French bread, pizza crust, cinn. Rolls, and biscuits.
*Buddig Deli Cuts (Big Pakg of lunch meat) on sale for $2.69 used $1 Mfr coupon from paper and paid $ .69


*Bertolli Skillet Meals or Oven Bake Meals on sale 2/$10 - use 2 x
couponsfor $2 off making them $3 EACH!!!

When U buy 2 Bertolli skillet meals you get FREE Frozen Garlic Breadand Free Romaine (Dole) Salad!!!
So you get enough for a meal for a family of 4 for $6!!
*1/2 gallon Hiland OJ on sale for $1.25 - use highland OJ coupon in paper or printable - for $ .40 off and (doubled) Pay $ .45

Now my favorite deal always
*Most Dannon Yogurt on sale for 2/$4
Most packages on $1 peelies on them, doubled makes them free!
I bought 1 pack Danimals Crush Cups
1 package Danimals Drinkable 6 pk
1 package DanActive (FREE)
1 package Activia (FREE)

(Remeber they only double the first coupon if they are identacle and have the
same bar code on them, so make sure your coupons are different or make morethan one trip) Some of the peelies are for all Dannon products and some are for just 6 packs, etc. so check carefully!

On this trip I spent a little less than $20 for everything after tax. I went back and got more yogurt, and tortillas later! :-)))