Printable Coupon Links 

A+D Ointment, $1 off, Printable
Advil, $1 off various, Printable, or $2 off Advil Cold & Sinus or Advil Allergy Sinus, Printable, or Various $ off various, Printable
Advil PM, $2 off, Printable
Afrin, Nasal Spray, $1 off, Printable
Afrin, PureSea Nasal Spray, $3 off, Printable pdf, exp 3.31.09
Air Wick, Misc., Printable
Alavert, $1 off, Printable
Aleve, 20ct or more, $1 off, Printable
Alexia Products, Panini, $1 off, Printable
Alka-Seltzer, $1 off, Printable
Alli, Weight Loss, $10 off, Register, Create diet program, Select "have not purchased yet'", Printable
ALPO, Can, BOGO, Printable
All Detergent, 96 Loads, $1.50 off, Printable or Printable
All Detergent, Any .40 off, Printable
Ambi, Skin Care, $3 off, Printable
American Greetings, Cards, B1G1F up to $3.99, Printable exp. 2-21-09
Anbesol, $1 off, Printable
Angel Soft, Bathroom Tissue, 6-pk Double Roll Pk or Lrger, .50 off, Printable
Apple & Eve, Cranberry Products, $1 off 2, Printable
Aquafresh, Cleaning Polish, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, Whitening, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, Toothbrush wyb Extreme Clean, Printable
Aquafresh, Advanced, $1 off, Printable
Aquafresh, White Trays, $5 off, Printable
Aquapod Water, $1 off 2 8-packs, Printable
Arm & Hammer Essentials, Cleaning Products, $1 off, Printable
Arm & Hammer Age Defying Toothpaste - $1, printable
Arm & Hammer, Various, Printable
Arm & Hammer, Age Defying Toothpaste, $1 off, Printable
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda or Fridge Fresh, $1 off 2,Printable
Atkins, $1 off, Printable
Aveeno, Baby, $1 off, Printable
Aveeno, $2 off Any, Printable
Avoderm Dog Food, $5 off, Printable
Azo Brand Products, $1.50 off, Printable pdf exp. 3/31/09

Baby Basics, Diapers, $2 off Any, Click on Great Savings, Printable
Bagel Bites, Any, $1 off 2, Printable
Baked Lays, $1 off, Printable
Bam, unknown amount, Printable
Barleans Omega Swirl, 16 oz., $2 off any, Printable
Batter Blaster, $1 off, Printable pdf exp. 12/31/09
Bayer, Heart Advantage, $2 off, Printable
BD Ultra-Fine 30g or 33g lancets, $1.50 off, Printable
Bertolli Oven Bakes, $2 off, Printable
Best Foods, Mayo, $1 off, Printable bricks
Betty Crocker, Misc., Printable & Printable & Printable
Bic, Mark It-.50 off, Mechanical Pencil-.50 off, White Out.-50 off, Printable bricks
Bic, Multi-Purpose Lighter, $1 off, Printable
Biokleen product, $1 off any, Printable
Bird's Eye, C&W Vegetables, $1 off 2, Printable
Birds Eye Voila, $1 off, Printable, or Printable, bricks
Birds Eye Fresh Like Veggies, $1 off 2, Printable
Bird's Eye Boxed Vegetables, $1 off 3, Printable
Bissell Machine Carpet Cleaning Formula, $3 off, Printable
Bistro Naturals, BOGO,PrintableBlue Bunny, Novelty Ice Cream, $1 off, Printable
Blink Tears, $1.50 off, Printable
Blue Bell, Ice Cream, 1/2 Gallon, $1 off, Printable
Blue Diamond, .50 off Any, Printable
Blue Diamond, Nut-Thins, 4.5 oz. box, $1 off any, Printable
Bob Evans, .35 off Any & $1 off Any Entree, Printable
Boost, Nutritonal Drink, $3 off, Printable
Boost, Kid Essentials, $5 off, Printable
Boston Market, Frozen Entrees, $1 off 3, Printable
Bounce, Lint Roller, $1 off, Printable
Breath Right, Kids, $2 off, Printable
Bridgeford, Frozen Rolls, Bread Dough or Monkey Dough, .55 off, Printable
Brita System, $5 off, Printable -Sign Up
Brita Filter, $1 off, Printable -Sign Up
Brown Cow Yogurt, $1 off 4 cups, Printable
Buitoni, Products, $1 off, Printable

Cabot Cheese, .30 off, Printable pdf
Caltrate, $1 off, Printable
Campbell's Soup at Hand Microwavable Cups, $1 off any 2, Printable (prints as soon as you click it)
Campbell's Cooking Soups, $1 off 2, Printable
Carefree, 34 count or larger, $1.50 off, Printable
Carlson, Lemon Flavor Cod Oil, $5 off, Printable
Cascadian Farms, $1 off Any, Printable bricks
Cats Pride, Cat Litter, $1 off, Printable
Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce, .75 off, Printable
Centrum, New Formula, $1 off, Printable, or $1 off various, Printable, or Various $ off various, Printable
Centrum, Kids, $1 off, Printable
Centrum, Silver, $2 off, Printable
Centrum Cardio or Performance, $3 off, Printable
Centrum, Centrum Any & Centrum Kids (wyb both), $3 off, Printable
Cheerios, Banana Nut., .75 off, Printable, or .55 off, Printable
Cheerios, Multi Grain, .75 off, Printable & Printable & Printable
Cheerios Snack Mix, .60, Printable
Cheerios, $1 off, Printable -EMAIL
Classico, Sauce, $1 off 2, Printable
Chinet, Classic White Plates, $1 off, Printable
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cereal, $1 off Printable, .55 off Printable
Citracal, $2 off, Printable
Claritin, Childrens, $2 off, Printable
Claritin-D or Claritin, $3 off, Printable
Clean & Clear, $3 & $2 off, Printable
Clean & Clear, Acne, $5 off, Printable
Clean & Clear, Blackhead Eraser, $5 off, Printable
Clorox. Free Wipes wyb 2 Clorox Products, Printable
Clorox Wand Toilet Cleaning Kit, $5 off, Printable or Printable
Coffee Mate, $1 one or $1.50/2, Register, Printable bricks
Coffee Mate, 15 oz or larger, $1.50 off 1, Printable
Coffee Mate, Sugar Free, .55 off, Printable
Colgate, $1 off 2, Printable
Colgate, Total Advanced Whitening, $1 off, Printable
Colgate, Sensitive, $1 off, Printable
Commit Lozenges, $5 off, Printable
Command, Picture Hanging Strips, $1 off, Printable
Command Picture Hanger, $1 off, Printable pdf exp 12-31-09
Command, Any, $1 off, Printable pdf exp 12/31/09
Complete, Multi-Purpose Solution, $2 off, Printable
Contadina Canned Tomatoes, 14.5 oz or +, .35 off 2, Printable
Contessa, $1 off 2 Frozen Meals or Frozen Seafood, Printable
Contessa, Green Cuisine, $2 off, Printable
Cool Whip, $1 off 2, Printable
Cool Whip, Sugar Free & Sugar Free Jello, $1 off wyb both, Printable
Corazona, Potato or Tortilla Chips, 6 or 7 oz, $1 off, Printable pdf
Cottonelle, $1 off Toilet Paper 4 ct. or larger, $1 off any 2 fresh flushable moist wipe tubs OR 42 ct. refill OR 1 84 ct. refill, Printable
Cottonelle, .50 off, Printable or .50 off 2, Printable
Country Choice, Organic Products, $1 off, Printable
Country Crock Omega Plus or Plus Light, .55/1, Printable bricks exp. 4/3/09
Crystal Light, $1 off 2, Printable

Dannon, Light & Fit Yogurt, $1 off 10 cups, Printable
Dannon, Danimals Crush Yogurt, 4-pk, $1 off, Printable
Dark & Lovely, Relaxer, $1.50 off, Printable
Daregal, Fresh Frozen Herbs, $1 off, Printable
Degree, Ultraclear, .75, Printable bricks
Degree, Men Clinican Deoderant, $2 off, Printable
Degree Women's Clinical Strength Deodorant, $2 off, Printable
Del Monte, 50% less Salt Canned Vegs, .75 off 1, Printable
Del Monte Products, 1 DelMonte® Citrus Bowl, Orchard Select®, or SunFresh® Refrigerated Glass Jar, or any 2 (two) Del Monte® Fruit Naturals® products, Printable
Del Monte Red Grapefruit Bowl, $1 off, Printable
Del Monte, SuperFruit Products, $1 off 2, Printable pdf
Detour, Protein Bar, BOGO, Printable
Desitin, $1 off, Printable
Desitin or Johnson Baby, $2 off 2,Printable bricks
Dexitrim, Max or Max2/O, $3 off, Printable
Diabeti-Derm, $2 off, Printable
Diabetic-Tussin, $2 off, Printable
Dickinson's Witch Hazel, $2 Printable
Digestive Advantage, Various, Printable
Dimetapp, $2 off, Printable
Dove Vitalizer $3.50 off, Go to offers > Coupons, Printable or Printable
Dove, Cream Oil Body Wash, $1.50, Printable go to offers
Dove, Clinical Deoderant, $2 off, Printable or Printable
Dr. Katz Various Oral Care Products - $1 to $2, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Massaging Gel Inserts, $2 off, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Memory Fit Inserts, $2 off, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Freeze A Way, $3 off, Printable
Dreft, .50 off, Printable pdf
Dryel, $3 off, Printable
Dole, Premium Baby Blend Salad, $1 off, Printable
Downy, Wrinkle Release, $1 off, Printable

Earthrise, $3 off Any, Printable pdf
Eat Smart, Vegetables, .50 off, Register, Printable bricks
Ecotrin, 100 count, .75 off, Printable
Egg Beaters, $1 off 1, Printable
Electrasol, $1 off 2, Printable
Embodi, $1 off 2, Printable pdf, no expiration
Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom Bar, .75 off, Printable bricks
Ensure, Buy 3, Get 1 Free 6pk, Printable
Ensure, Multipack, $3 off, Printable bricks
Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Coffee, packaged and bulk 1 lb. minimum, $1 off, Printable
Ester-C, $1 off, Printable
Estroven, $3 off, Printable
Eucerin, Aquaphor, $1 off, Printable
Eucerin, $1 off, Printable bricks
Evercare, Lint Roller, $1 off, Printable pdf
Excedrin Migraine 24 ct+ $2 Printable

Farmrich Products, Various, Printable
Fast Fixins, $1 off 1, can print 5, must register, printable
Febreze Odor Eliminator, $2 off, Printable
Fiber Choice, $3 off, Printable
FiberCon, $1 off, Printable
Fiber One Cereal, $0.75 off, Printable
Fiber One, Chocolate Mocha Bars, 1.35 off, Printable
FIJI Water Multi-Pack, 6 pack or larger, $1 off, Printable
Filippo Berio Olive Oil, 17oz or larger, $1 off 1, Printable (30 day rolling)
First Juice, 8oz or 32oz bottles, $1 off 2, Printable
First Response, Pregnancy Test, $2 off, Printable
Fit Smart Fiver Bar, Free, must register, printable
Finlandia Cheese, 6 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable bricks
Florida Sugar Crystals, .35 off, Printable pdf exp 3/21/09
Foster Farms, Various, Register, Printable
French's Mustard, .50 off & Various French's Products, Printable
FruitSimple, Fruit Smoothie, .55 off, Printable

Galaxy Veggie Products, $1 off, Printable
Garden of Life, Supplement, $5 off, Printable
Gas-X, $1.50 off Any, Printable
GE $1/1 Energy Smart CFL light bulbs (fill out pledge form, might need IE) Printable
GE $1/1 Reveal or Edison Halogen light bulb and $.50/1 any GE 3 way light bulbs Printable
General Mills, Yoplait, Green Giant, Cascadian Farms, ETC, Various, Sign Up $ Printable
General Mills, Cereal, $1 off 2, Printable or Printable
Glade, Get Lasting Impressions, BOGO Free, Printable bricks
Glade, Lasting Impressions, $3 off, Printable
Glade, Sense And Spray, BOGO, Printable bricks
Glade, Sense And Spray, $4 off, Printable
Glade Warmer, BOGO, or .55 off Refill Printable
Glade Gel Warmer, BOGO, Printable
Glade Scented Oil Warmer, $2 off, Printable
Glade Plug Ins Refills, $1 off 2, $1 off 1 Refill Twin, Printable
Glade, Scented Oil Tin, $1 off, Printable (prints with Scented Oil Holder or 2 refill coupon)
Glade, Scented Oil Holder or 2 Refill Coupon, Printable (prints with Scented Oil Tin)
Glucerna, $1.25 off, Printable
Glucerna, Cereal, $5 off, Printable
Gold Kist, .55 off, enter e-mail, Printable
Goodlife, Pet Food, $2 off & $1 off Treat, Printable
GoodNites, $1 off, Printable
Gortons, Shrimp Item, $1 off, PrintableWill Reset Monthly
Green Giant Veggies, Boxed, .65 off 3, Printable
Guerrero, Tortillas, $1 off, Printable
Guerrero Products, $1 off, Printable

Halo Pets, $5 off, Printable
Hanes, Sports Bra, $1 off 1, Printable pdf
Healthy Choice, Asian, $1 off 2, Register, Printable
Healthy Ones Lunch Meat, .55 off Any, Printable pdf exp 4/30/09
Health Valley Organic, $1 off 2, Printable, pdf exp 12-31-09
Healthy To Go, Unknown Amount, Printable
Heinz, Cocktail Sauce, .35 off, Printable 1 mo. exp. date
Heinz Gravy, 12oz, $1 off 3, Printable
Heinz Ketchup & Ore-Ida Fries, 60oz Ketchup & Fries > $1 off both, Printable
Hellmans, Light Mayo, $1 off 1, Printable
Heluva Good, $.50 off any, Printable bricks
Hershey, Bagged Candy, $1.50 off 3, Printable & Printable
Hershey Bliss, $1 off, Printable
High School Musical, $5 off DVD, $10 off Blu-Ray, Printable bricks
Hills Science Diet Culinary Creations (canned cat food), BOGO up to $1.39, Printable brick's
2.9 or 5.5 oz Max Value $1.39
Hill & Valley, Premium Bakery Product with net wt. 7oz or more, $1 off, Printable
Hillshire Farms, pkgs 8oz or larger, $0.55 on 2, Printable
Hillshire Farms, Sausage, $0.55 off 2, Printable
Honeysuckle Turkey, $2 off 2, Printable
Horizon Organics, Unknown, Register, Printable
Hostess, 100 Cal Packs, .50 off, Printable
Huggies, Pull Ups, $2 off, Printable
Huggies, Gentle Care Product, $5 off, Printable

Ian’s Chicken Nugget, Patties, Stix, or Tenders, $2 off 2, Printable
ICaps product, any size, $2 off Printable
Idahoan Potatoes (can print to PDF), Unknown, Printable
Imagine, Soups or Broths, $1 off 2, Printable
Immodium, Children's, $1 off, Printable bricks
International Delight Creamer, Quart, .75 off, Printable (prints as soon as you click it), or $1 off Any, Printable
Ivory Snow, Detergent, $2 off, Printable

Jello Pudding or Gelatin Refrigerated snack, .60 off 1, Printable bricks exp 1 mo. rolling (upper right hand corner--will print as soon as you click on it)
Johnson's Baby Oil, $1 off, Printable
Johnson's Baby or Desitin, $2 off 2, Printable bricks
Johnson's Baby Powder, $1 off, Printable bricks
Johnson & Johnson, Body Care Product-excludes Trial, $1 off, Printable
Johnson's Product (Any, excludes 4oz), $3 off 3, Printable bricks
Johnson's Soothing Vapor, $1 off Any, Printable bricks
Joint Juice, $1 off Any, Printable
Joint Juice, Any, BOGO, Printable
Jolly Time Pop Corn, Various, Printable
Jose Ole, 12 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable or Printable (can print more than 2)
Joy of Cooking, Various, Printable
Juanita's Soup, $1 off, Printable
Juicy Juice, Brain Development or Immunity Fruit Juice, $1 off, Printable
Juicy Juice $1 off 2, Printable
Just For Men, $2 off, Printable - sign up to print
Just For Men, $1 off, Printable

Kahiki, $1/2 or B3G1 Free, Printable
Kashi, TLC Bars, $2 off, IE Printable or FF, Printable
Kashi, Vive Cereal, $1 off 1, Printable pdf exp 2/28/09
Kashi, Granola, $1 off 1, Printable exp 3-31-09
Kaytee Animal Products, Treats, Food, Bedding, Various, Printable
Keebler, Keeblers 9.5 oz or larger cookie $1 off AND Sandies cookies 9.5 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable
Kelloggs, Frosted Flakes, $1 off 2, Printable
Kellogg's Special K Crackers, (4.62 oz or larger, any flavor), Printable Exp. 03/08/09
Kellogg's, Fiber Plus Bars, .75 off, Printable bricks
Kettle Chips, $1 off, Printable
Kibbles & Bits, Wholesome Medley, $2 off, Printable
King Hawaiian, Bread, .65 off, Printable or Printable or .55 of, Printable
Kingsford Charcoal, wyb Pork, etc, $6 off, Printable
Kozy Shack No Sugar Added, .25 off, Printable
Kraft Bagelfuls, $1 off 1, Printable
KY, Any, $2 off, Printable
KY, Liquibeads, $2 off, Printable
K-Y, Yours & Mine, $5 off, Printable

LaBrea, Bakery Product, $1 off, Printable
Lactaid, Fast Act Dietary Supplements, $1 off, Printable
L.A. Looks, Hair Products 7.5 oz or larger, $1 off, Printable
Land O' Lakes, Butter w/ Canola Oil, .55 off, Printable
Laura's Lean Ground Beef, $1 off, Printable
Lean Cuisine, $1 off 2, Printable Must Register First
Leapfrog, $4 off Tag Library Book, $10 off Tag System, Printable pdfs exp 4/30/09
Leapfrog, Didj, $20 off, Printable
Liberte yogurts, 6 oz, $1 off any 3, Printable
Lifeway Product, $1 off 1, Printable
Lip Smackers, $1 off 2, Printable
Lindor ,Truffles Stracciatella (Cookies and Cream) 5.1 oz bag or greater, $1 off, Printable
Brick's printable
Ex. 8-31-09
Lindt Chocolate, Bags, $1 off 2, Printable
Listerine, Total Care, $2 off, Printable bricks
Listerine, Agent Cool Blue Mouthwash, $1 off, Printable
Listerine Whitening Pen, $3 off, Printable bricks
Litehouse Products, $1 off 2, Printable
Little Debbie 100 calorie family pack snack cake, .55 off, Printable bricks EX. 03-01-09
Loreal, Bare Naturale, $3 off 2, Printable
Loreal, $1 off Any, Printable
Loreal Paris, $1 off Any, Printable
Loreal, Feria Hair Color, $2 off, Printable
L'Oreal Excellence to Go, $3 Printable
Lubriderm, 16 oz, $1 off, Printable & Printable or Printable
Lucky Leaf, Pie Filling, $1 off 2, Printable
Lumene, Premium Beauty Products, $4 off, Printable
Lundberg Gourmet Rice Blend 1lb bag, .55 off, Printable pdf
Lundberg, Gourmet Rice Chips, .75 off, Printable pdf
Lysol, Various, Printable
Lysol, Neutra Air, $1 off, Printable

Malt-O-Meal, Blueberry Muffin Tops, .75 off 2, Printable
MaraNatha Nut Butter, $1 off, Printable
Marie Callender's Signature Saute's, $2 off, Printable
Marzetti, Dressing, Dip, Hummus or Crouton, .50 off any, Printable
Mederma, $3 off No longer available, Printable
Mega T, Green Tea Gum, $1 off, Printable
Method Products, .50 off 1, Printable
Meyenberg, $1 off Any, Printable pdf
Michelinas, $1 off 5 Entrees - Signature or Lean, Printable
Miralax, $1 off, Printable
Mission Plus, Tortilla Products, $1 off, Printable
Mom's Best Cereal, .55 off, Printable or $1 off, Printable
Monistat, Combo Pack, $2 off, Printable
Motrin, $1 off (excludes trial size) Printable
Move Free, $5 off, Printable, bricks
Mrs. Dash, Marinade, .50 off,Printable
Mueller's Pasta, $1 off 3, Printable
Muir Glen Tomatoes, $1 off, Printable[/url] or Printable
Multi-Betic Vitamins, $2 off, Printable
Murry's Sugar Free Cookies, .55/1 and $1/2, Printable
Musselmans, Apple Butter, .25 off, Printable
Musselmans, 4oz 6pk, $1 off 3, Printable
Mylanta, $2 off, Printable
Mystic Mini Pizza, .75, Printable

Nabisco, 100 Calorie Packs, $1 off 2, Printable exp 4/09
Nair products $3 off 2Printable
Nailene, $1 off, Printable
Naked Juice, 15.2 oz, $2 off 2, Printable
Nasal Comfort, $3 off, Printable
NasaMist, $2 off, Printable & MIR
Natural Dentist, $2 off, Printable pdf
Nature Made, Vitamin E, $2 off, Printable
Nature Made, Various, Printable
Nature's Bounty, $2 off, Printable
Nature's Own, Bread or Buns, .75 off, Printable
Nescafe Taster's Choice 4 oz. or larger, $1.50 Printable
Neosporin, $1 off Antibiotic Ointment & $2 off Scar Solution, Printable
Nescafe, Stick Pack Free wyb Stick Pack or 5.2oz Jar, $1.25 off, Printable
Nestle, Carnation Evaporated Milk, $1 off 2, Printable
Nestle Chocolate, NestEggs or Wonka Golden Eggs, $1 off 2, Printable
Nestle Chocolate Chips, .50 off 2, Printable
Nestle Hot Cocoa, Sugar Free or Fat Free, .75 off, Printable register
Nestle, Pure Life Water, $1.50 off 2, Printable
Nestle, Tasters Choice Stick Pack, BOGO, Printable
Neutrogena, Complete Acne Therapy System, $5 off, Printable
Neutrogena, Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, $5 off, Printable
Neutrogena, T-Gel, $2 off, Printable pdf
Neutrogena Products, $10 off skiniD, $3 off Puff Refills, Printable
Newmans Own Products, Various, Printable
Nexcare, Various, Printable pdf exp 12-31-09
No Nonsense, Perfect Tones, $1 off, Printable
Nicorette, $10 off, Printable
Nursery Water, $1 on (4) one-gallon bottles, or (2) 2.5 gallon bottles or (2) Multi-packs Printable
Nutra Nail Products, $1/1 or $2/3, Printable pdf
Nylabone, $2 off Printable pdf

O.B. Tampons, $1.50 off, register, Printable
O'Charleys at Home, Salad Dressing, BOGO, Printable
Odwalla, 450 ml flavors, $1 off any 2, Printable
Old Orchard, Frozen, 12 oz, $1 off 4, Printable bricks
Old Orchard, Juice, 64 oz, $1 off 2, Printable
One A Day, Vitamins, $1 off, Printable or Printable or Printable or Printable
Opti-Fresh, Replenish Contact Solution, $2 off, Printable (can print 2 every 60 days)
Optive Eye Drops, $3 off, Printable pdf
Ore-Ida Fries & Heinz Ketchup, 60oz Ketchup & Fries > $1 off both, Printable
Organic Valley, $2 off Any 2 Products, Printable
Organic Valley, Various Coupons, Printable & Printable
Organic Valley String Cheese, 6oz, $1 off, Printable pdf page 6
Orville Redenbacher, Ready to Eat Smart Cakes, $1 off, Printable
Oscal, $1 off, Printable
Over the Moon Milk, 1/2 Gallon, $1 off, Printable
Oxy Products, $1.50 off, Printable pdf

Palermo's, Rustica Pizza, $2 off, Printable pdf exp 3/31/09
Palermo's Pizza, $1 off 2, Printable pdf exp 12/31/09
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, $1 off, Printable
Palmolive, Pure+Clear liquid dish soap, .75 off, printable
Pediacare, Various, Printable
Pedia-Lax, $1 off, Printable
Pedigree, Dog Food, Various, Printable
Pepcid, $3 off, Register- Emailed, Printable or $1 off, Printable
Pepperidge Farms, Swirl Bread, .40 off, Printable
Perdue, Perfect Portions, $2 off, Printable bricks exp 3.06.09
Perdue, Shortcuts, $1 off, Printable
Pert Plus, $1 off, Printable or $1 off, Printable bricks or Printable bricks
Peter Pan, Peanut Butter, .50 off, Printable bricks
Phillips Colon Care, $1 off, Printable
Pilgrim's Pride, .55 off, enter e-mail, Printable
Pillsbury, Refrigerated Cookie Dough, $1 off, Printable
Pillsbury, Frozen or Refrigerated Products, $1 off 2, Printable
Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Misc., Printable & Printable
Pine Mountain Fire Logs, $3 off, Printable
Playtex, Personal Cleansing Wipes, $1 off, Printable
Playtex, Sport, $1 off, Printable bricks
Pledge, Any 2, $3, PrintablePledge, Multi-Surface Cleaner, $2 off, Printable
Pledge, Fabric Sweeper for Pets, $2 off, Printable
Pledge Furniture Care, $1 off, Printable
Poise, Unknown Amount, Printable refreshes monthly
Pompeian. $1 off Olive Oil or OlivExtra, .50 off Vinegar or Cooking Wine, Printable
Popchips, BOGO, Printable
Popcorn, Indiana, .50 off, Printable pdf
Poptarts, 8ct or larger, .55 off, Printable
Post-its, Pop Up Dispenser, $2 off, Printable
Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal, $2 off, Printable
Preparation H, $1 off, Printable or $2 off, Printable
Pretzel Crisps, $1 off 2, Printable
Progresso Broth, $1.25 off, Printable or try this link, Printable
Progresso Soup, $1 off 2, $2 off 4, Printable bricks
Progresso Soup, $1.10 off 1, Printable bricks
Prunelax Natural Senna Laxative Tablets, $1 off, Printable
Pupperoni, Dog Snacks, $2 off, Printable
Purell, Hand Sanitizing Product, $2 off 2, Printable
Purex, Natural Elements, $1 off, Printable
Purina Pet Food, $3.50 off, Printable
Purina, Pet Food or Treat, $3 off, Printable - follow directions in thread
Purina Pro Plan, Shredded Blend Dog Food, $3 off, Printable bricks
Purina, Puppy Chow, $2 off, Printable

Quaker, Fiber & Omega Bars, $1 off, Printable
Quaker, Instant Oatmeal, $1 off 1, Printable or $1 off 2, Printable
Quaker, Life Cereal, $1 off 1, Printable
Quaker, Simply Harvest, $1 off, Printable
Quaker True Delight Bars, $1 off 1, Printable

Rachel's Yogurt, BOGO, Printable
Real California Cheese/Cottage Cheese, .30 off $1.25+ Purchase, Printable pdf
Real California Milk, $.50 off, Printable pdf. exp 1/31/10
Red Gold Tomatoes, Cans, $1 off 3, Printable
Refresh Eye Care, Various, Printable pdf!
Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit, $5 Printable or MAILED
Renuzit, Crystal Elements, $3 off, Printable
Reynolds Wrap, $1 off, excludes 20 or 25 feet, Printable or Printable
Rice Dream or Soy Dream, .75 off 1, Printable
RID, $2 off any, Printable
Robitussen, $1 off, Printable
Robitussen, $1 off, Printable or $2 off,Printable or $2 off Printable
ROC Products, $2 off, Register, Sent by E-mail, Printable
ROC Anti Aging Product, $3 off, Printable
ROC Products, Any, $3 off, Printable
Romano's Macaroni Grill Restaurant Favorites, $1 off, Printable
Ronzoni, Bistro, $1 off, Printable
Rosetto, Frozen Pasta, $1 off, Printable
Rubbermaid, $1 off, Printable
R.W. Hudson, .75 off Any, Printable pdf

Sabra's Mediterranean Garden Variety salsa and vegetable dips, $2 off any 14 oz., printable, bricks
Sabra Hummus,10 or 17 oz, $1.50 off, Printable bricks
Sally Hanson, Natural Beauty Lip or Eye Product, $1 off, Printable
Sambucal, $4 off any, Printable pdf
Santa Cruz, Organics, .75 off Any, Printable pdf
S.C. Johnson Wax, Various, Printable bricks
Scar Zone, $1 off, Printable
Science Diet, Pet Food, $5 off, Printable must register
S.C. Johnson & Son Products (Windex, Pledge, Shout, Fantastic, Scrubbing Bubbles, Drano etc), Printable
Scotch Brite, Lint Roller or Sheets, $1 off, Printable pdf exp 3/31/09
Scotch Brite, Nail Saver Sponge, $1 off 3, Printable pdf
Scotch Guard, $1 off any, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Any, $3 off 2, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Auto Shower Cleaner, $6 off, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Auto Shower Refills, $2 off 2, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer, $1 off, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Action Scrubber, $2.75, Printable
Scrubbing Bubbles, Refills Automatic Shower Cleaner, BOGO, Printable
Sea Pak, $1 off Any, or $1 off Any Naturals, Printable
Seasonique, Birth Control, $50 off 1st Script, $25 off 1st Refill, Printable
Second Nature, Dog Litter, $5 off, Printable
Sensodyne, $1 off Pronamel & .55 off Sensodyne, Printable
Seventh Generation, Various, Printable
Science Diet, Nature's Best Dog, $3 off, Printable
Scott, Bath Tissue & Paper Towel, 4 pk +, $1 off, Printable
Shady Brook Farms, Italian Style Meatballs Frozen or Fresh, $1 off, Printable must register
Shamrock Farms, varies, printable
Shedds Spread, Country Crock, Omega Spread, .55 off, Printable
Shout, Advanced, .75 off, Printable
Similasan, Healthy Relief, $1 off Any, register, Printable
Simply Asia, .50 off, Printable
Simply Orange, Orange Juice, $1 off, Printable (smartsource &
Sistane Eye Drops, $1 off, Printable
Skim Plus Milk, $1 off, Printable pdf
Slice of Life, Vitamins, $2 off, Printable pdf exp 1.31.09
Slim Fast Bars, $2 Printable
Slim Fast Multi Pack, $3/2 Multi Packs Printable
Slim Fast, $1.25 off, Printable
Smartwater, $1 off a 6-pack or 5 (five) 1-liters, Printable pdf!
Snausages, Dog Treat, $1 off, Printable or $1 off 2, Printable
Soft Scrub, .50 off, Printable
Soft Scrub, Scrubby Pad, $1 off, Printable
Soft Soap, Spa Radiant, $1 off, Printable
Soft Soap, Hand Soap Refill, Savings ?, Printable
South Beach, Living Bars & More, $2 off, Printable
Soy Dream or Rice Dream, .75 off 1, Printable
Soy Joy, $1 off 5 bars, Printable
Speed Stick, 24/7, $1 off, Printable
Spice Island Spices, $1.50 off, Printable
Steaz, 4 Bottles or $1 off 4 pk, Printable pdf
Stayfree, $1 off, Printable
St. Ives, $2 off, Printable
Stonyfield Farms Products, Various, Printable
SudaFed, PE, $1 off Various, $2 off Nasal Spray Printable
Summers Eve, $1 off, Printable
Sun Crystals, $2 off, Printable
Sunkist, Almond Accents, $1 off, Printable
Sunny D, .55 off, Printable refresh to get .55 off
Sunspire Baking Chips, $1 off any, Printable
Super Pet, Critter Trail for Small Pets, $5 off, Printable
Sure, Deodorant, $1 off, Printable
Sure, Max, $1 off, Printable bricks

Tabasco Sauce, .50 off, Printable
Tasters Choice, BOGO Single Packs or .75 off 4oz or more, Printable
Tasters Choice, $1.50 off, Printable
TheraFlu, $1 off Any, Printable or $1 off Printable or $2 off, Printable
Throat Cooler, Any, BOGO, Printable
Tidy Cat, Cat Litter, $1 off, Printable bricks
Tofurkey, .55 off, Printable
Triamenic, $1.50 off, Printable
Tropical Source, Baking Chips, $1 off, Printable
Tums, Quik Pak, $2.25 off, Printable
Tums, $1 off, Printable
Tuscan Dairy Farms, .36 off Gallon Milk or Quart Cream or +, .50 off Over the Moon Milk, Printable
Tylenol, $1 off Any Children's Tylenol (Excludes Trial)Printable
Tylenol, $1 off Any, Printable
Tysons Heat n Eat, $1 off, Printable pdf exp 2/09

Ultra Xcid, $1 off, Printable
Uncle Ben's, Rice, $1 off 2, Amount Changes Monthly, Printable
UTI Home Screening Kit, $2 off, Printable

Vaseline Clinical Therapy, $1 off, Printable
Visine, .5oz or larger, $2 off Printable
Viva Papertowel, $1 off 4 or (2) 2-pks, Printable
Vivarin, $1 off, Printable
V8 Fusion, $1 off, Printable

Wanchai Ferry Dinner, $1 off, Printable bricks
WD-40 Smart Straw®, $1.50 off any, Printable bricks
Weight Watchers, $1 off 5, Printable
Welch's Aquajuice, 52oz, B1G1 Free up to $4, Printable exp. 03-03-09
Wellness Cat or Dog Food, $5 off, Printable bricks
White Cloud, Toilet Paper, $1 off, Printable
Wholly Guacamole, $1 off, Printable
Wild Harvest Salad, Buy 2, Get WH Bread Free, Printable
Wild Harvest, $1 off any, Printable
Wise Chips, .50 off, Printable or Printable, 4/30/09- Select States Only
Wish-bone, Wish-bone Dressings(16 oz or larger), Salad Spritzers(7oz),or Bountifuls(9.5oz), .75 off,Printable
Wisk, Detergent, .75 off, Printable
Wonka, Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans or Sweetarts Jelly Beans, $1 off 2, Printable
Woolite, Rug Stick, $3 off, Printable
World's Best Cat Litter, $2 off, Printable

Yesterday's News, Cat Litter, $1.50 off, Printable
Yoplait, Kids, $1.50 off, Printable
Yoplait, $1 off 8, Register Printable
YoPlus, $1 off, Printable or $1.50 off, Printable

Zenergize, All Natural Products, $1 off, Printable pdf
Ziploc, any bag or container, .75 off & $1.50 / 2, Printable, exp. 03-11-09
Zone Perfect Bars, Buy 1, Get 3 FREE, Printable
Zostrix, $5 off, Printable
Zyrtec, $2 off, Printable bricks

3M Command Product - $1, printable
409 Natural Stone Cleaner, $1 off Printable Go to Offers & Promotions, exp 12/31 - Maybe Print after new year
7-UP, Cherry, 12 pack, $1 off, Printable

Cheer Detergent, $1 off, MAILED
Country Bobs, All Purpose Sauce, Free Coupon, MAILED
Crest Whitestrips Premium, $5 off, MAILED
Crest Whitening Toothpaste, $1 off, MAILED
Better Than Ears, Dog Treat, $1 off, MAILED
Downy, $1 off, MAILED
Downy, Totalcare, $1 off, MAILED
Febreeze, New Febreeze, $2 off, MAILED
Gain, Various, $2.50 Value, MAILED & MAILED
Goldfish, $1 off 2, Register, MAILED
Kashi, Frozen Entree, FREE, MAILED
Luvs - $1 off, MAILED
Mighty Dog, 1 FREE can up to $0.99, register, MAILED
No Nonsense, $1.50 off, MAILED
Olay, Regenerist, $5 off, MAILED
Oral-B, Pulsonic Rechargeable Toothbrush, Rebate Form, MAILED < button link
Pampers, $1.50 off, MAILED
PUR, Flavor Options, $5 off 1, PUR Faucet Mount or Pitcher & $2 off 1 Cartridge 2-pk, MAILED
Science Diet, Dog Food, $5 off, MAILED
Special Clothes Care, Febreze, Dreft, Dryel, etc, MAILED
Tide To Go, $1 off, MAILED
Tide Total Care, $1 off, MAILED

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